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Harumichi (Harry) YAMADA, DSc.
Department of Communication Studies
Tokyo Keizai University
185-8502 JAPAN

Telephone / Facsimile@+81-42-328-7923
yamada@tku.ac.jp (You are advised to check out the FAQ page before sending your e-mail.)

[Last modified: 18th February, 2002]

Hello! Welcome to my English home page.
Unfortunately, most of my pages surrounding this one is in Japanese, and it is rather difficult for me, being a non-native speaker of English, to supply the same quality of information as I do in my Japanese pages.
However, I am happy to answer questions from those interested in my works and/or other things I am involved. If you are interested in the list of items which I supply in my Japanese pages, please feel free to send an e-mail to me. However, you are advised to check out the FAQ page before sending your e-mail.
Additionally, you can also check out some of my threads posted to mailing lists. I guess you would tell what kind of a man I am through these lengthy threads.

In my English pages:

Also see English summaries of my papers (in Japanese):

In my Japanese pages:
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