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Here listed are names of Japanese Universities in alphabets.
This list includes Universities with 4 or 6 year courses and authorized by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology as 'Daigaku' under Japanese education legislation. Additionally, several governmental academies authorized by other Japanese Ministries, known as 'Daigakko', are also included. Graduate Schools, or 'Daigakuin Daigaku' are included, while Junior Colleges, or 'Tanki Daigaku', are excluded.

This index includes several different kinds of entries.

As for the Romanization of official names, this list includes all of the Japanese universities.
As for Anglicized names, either official or otherwise, only those available are listed.
If you (and your browser) read Japanese characters, click the names given in blue. You can get more information in Japanese. There is an indication when the official English home pages of universities are available. In case this site cannot help you, try the AIEJ site, where you can have English names and more-than-a-little amount of information (except URLs) about Japanese Universities.

Information in English about Colleges of Technology, or 'Koto Senmon Gakko', another type of academies, is available on Colleges of Technology in Japan pages at Tokyo National College of Technology, and their list in English is on Colleges of Technology WWW Servers in Japan pages at Kochi National College of Technology.
Correction or addition of data, and, opinion or suggestion to the list are invited. (You are advised to check out the FAQ page before sending your e-mail.)

Detailed information on Japanese Universities (except URLs) is available at the following site provided by Association of International Education, Japan (AIEJ).
Another list of URLs of Japanese Universities (including some Junior Colleges) in English is available at:

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